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|Row 1 info = Jade West and Beck Oliver
|Row 1 info = Jade West and Beck Oliver
|Row 2 title = Length of Relationship:
|Row 2 title = Length of Relationship:
|Row 2 info = 2008-present (Brief break-up in 2010)
|Row 2 info = 2008- February 11th 2010, December 1st 2010 - present
|Row 3 title = Status:
|Row 3 title = Status:
|Row 3 info = Currently Together
|Row 3 info = Currently Together

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This page is for all Bade moments in each episodes in Victorious or on

Beck and Jade


Jade West and Beck Oliver

Length of Relationship:

2008- February 11th 2010, December 1st 2010 - present


Currently Together

Date of relationship beginning:

Sometime in 2008.

Season 1


  • It is revealed that Jade and Beck are dating.
  • Jade gets extremely mad at Tori for rubbing Beck when she accidentally spilled coffee on his t shirt.
  • He attempts to calm her down by giving her a kiss on the cheek.
  • When Sikowitz runs in exclaiming "Fire!" Jade clutches Beck's arm.
  • Beck also has his arm around Jade and is directing
    them to the door.
  • They sit next to each other in Sikowitz's class.
  • Beck puts his arm around her.
  • Jade chose Beck to be in her group for improv.
  • In Jade's improv, Beck and Jade play the roles of a married couple.
  • Even though Beck didn't approve of Jade pouring coffee on Tori's head, he didn't react as if he was upset.
  • During the Alphabet Improv, Jade attempts to further humiliate Tori, and Beck tries to
    get her to quit.
  • When Tori kisses Beck, Jade gets jealous and angry.
  • When Jade and Beck are called by Tori to participate in the Alphabet Improv, they walk up onto the stage together, where Jade kisses Beck before they begin their exercise.
  • Sikowitz tells Jade to kiss her boyfriend on her own time and she looks at Beck while replying, "Oh, I will."
  • When Beck tells Tori and Jade to relax, he has his hand on Jade's shoulder which calms her down
  • Beck has never brought up his kiss with Tori probably because he didn't think much of it.

The Bird Scene

  • Beck and Jade are holding hands while everyone is arguing with Tori about the bird scene.
  • When Jade pulls Beck along with her after telling Tori she isn't her friend, she is holding his hand and the two talk in private.
  • Beck holds his hand out for Jade to take before they walk
  • When Jade walks into the classroom, she puts her arm around Beck's shoulders.
  • During Tori's second performance of The Bird Scene, they sit together and Beck has his arm around Jade.
  • Jade looks mad at Beck for inviting Tori to eat with them.
  • When Robbie and Andre ask Beck if he wanted to go join ballet class with them, he denies saying that he already signed up with Jade for salsa.

Stage Fighting

  • When the stage fight between Beck and Russ is over and everyone's telling Tori that the stage fight she thought was an actual fight was fake, Jade has her arm looped through Beck's.
  • When Tori says that Beck suffers enough pain dating Jade, Beck holds Jade back when she gets angry and leads her to the chairs.
  • They sit next to each other.
  • When Jade is talking to Tori about their 'stage fight', Beck is seen watching them and appears to be waiting for Jade. He doesn't leave the class until Jade does.
  • They are sitting together outside at lunch, away from the others.
  • When Tori "hits" Jade, Beck hurries over and is worried about her.
  • Beck asks Jade if she is okay and holds her chin so he can see.
  • When Jade asks someone to call her mom, Beck volunteers to do it and even when Tori tells him not to he insists that he must.
  • When they are leaving to go to the nurse; Beck is carrying Jade's bag.
  • If you look closely, you can see that Beck is holding Jade's hand, and helping her direct an ice pack to her eye.
  • After Tori 'hits' Jade, she exclaims 'ow', and leans slightly on Beck.
  • After she gets hit, you can see
    Beck has a hand on Jade's back.
  • During Russ and Cat's demonstration, Beck's arm is around Jade's chair.
  • At lunch, Beck asks how Jade is feeling, while she responds that her eye hurts. As a joke he asks, "Which one"; she chuckles sarcastically and says "Cute".
  • When she asks for coffee, he asks her to say the magic word. She says, "Get me some coffee...?" as a response. He stares at her with a determined expression, until she finally gives in and says "Please?" in a sweet tone. This is possibly the first time she has ever been polite on the show. Beck corrects her and says the real magic word was 'lotion' but he'll accept it since she has a "boo-boo eye."
  • When Beck heads off to get Jade her coffee, she calls out, "Two sugars", then is interrupted when he says he knows what to do, showing he has gotten her coffee many times before.

Jade Dumps Beck

  • Jade becomes very irritated that Beck is friends with Alyssa Vaughn, a rich, pretty socialite, saying she doesn't want him hanging out with a girl who's already text messaged him six times. Then his phone rings, and she angrily says "Seven..."
  • She proceeds to break up with him because in her eyes he wasn't being considerate and did not understand where she was coming from.
  • When she sees him in Alyssa's car, she gets mad and squishes her burrito.
  • Later, Jade wants Beck back as her boyfriend, and he turns her down. This causes her to come to Tori's house with a broken kite, comparing the broken kite to her relationship, saying she found a broken kite that needs to be fixed. This is the first episode Jade has cried.
  • When Tori goes to ask Beck to get back with Jade, he says for his birthday that Jade got him a can of lemonade. This is actually a nice gift from Jade, since she hates everyone and says he likes lemonade.
  • Jade looks terrified at the thought of forgetting about Beck, so she comes up with an idea to get Beck something he's been wanting for a while, a rottweiler. Despite hergood intentions, she and Tori end up hurting his dad.
  • When she frantically apologizes, Beck kisses her. Surprised, she says, "You love me again." He replies with, "Who said I stopped?" They then continue to kiss.
  • Beck says "Who said I stopped?", meaning he never stopped loving Jade.
  • Jade also gets jealous and grabs Beck's arm when the girl driving the ambulance hits on him.
  • When Tori asks Jade to drive her home, Beck doesn't interfere when Jade says no, suggesting that he wanted Jade to stay and that she did.
  • Tori tells Jade and Beck not to "Swallow each other" because they were so deeply involved in kissing.

Tori the Zombie

  • After Tori wonders aloud who Sophia Michelle is, Jade grabs Beck by the hand and sits down.
  • Beck stands behind Jade (where she sits) and massages her shoulders after she sits down.
  • Jade doesn't like that Tori and Beck have a romantic part in the play.
  • After they rehearse the "Finally Falling" performance, Beck rubs Jade's arm and she smiles.
  • Jade rolls her eyes while Tori and Beck are rehearsing.


  • When Robbie makes up a rumor that Jade and Beck are breaking up again, Jade gets upset and denies it.
  • Beck then teases her each time she says the rumor isn't true by saying "Well...". She looks at him, obviously upset, and he calms her down by saying that he was only kidding.
  • When Jade tells Robbie to his face that she and Beck aren't breaking up, Beck teases her once more by saying 'Well..." To which she spins around and exclaims, "Is there something you want to talk about?!" He then
    assures her he's still only kidding. He has a fun flirty smile on his face as he says this.
  • Jade and Beck are in his car arguing light heartedly about their plans before discovering a Robarazzi member is spying on them.
  • Jade looks disturbed when Robbie says Jade and Beck might be splitting up on the Robarazzi episode.
  • Beck and Jade sit next to each other at both lunch scenes.

Survival of the Hottest

  • When Jade is telling the group that she doesn't sweat, Beck backs her up when Tori doesn't believe her.
  • Both Beck and Jade hate sweating.
  • Jade and Beck drive the truck to the beach, while the rest of the gang rides in the RV.
  • Beck smiles when Jade walks past him to the RV.
  • Beck and Jade are wearing matching n
    ecklaces in this episode.
  • Beck has his arm around Jade while they wait for a 'tongue dip'.
  • When Jade states that something is dripping on her, he goes over to check on her.
  • When Jade is in denial about sweating, he grabs her arms and tells her to look at him. Jade refuses to, and he yells at her. When she finally does, he says to her in a serious tone, "You're sweating." She finally believes it and breaks down crying.
  • When Jade crawls onto the floor after being in denial about sweating, Beck joins her on the floor.
  • When everyone is rushing toward Trina when they figure out she has water, Beck grabs Jade's arm.
  • Before getting one for himself, Beck gives a bottle of water to Jade, meaning that he cares more about her safety than his own. Jade and Beck lay on Beck's bed and he has his arm draped over Jade's leg.

Wi-Fi in the Sky

  • Jade wants to join in on their chat and Beck allows it.
  • Beck is the only one who knows Jade's screen name.
  • Jade gets jealous of Beck watching over the dog of his next door neighbor, who is a cheerleader, and decides to go over to Beck's house to check up on him.
  • When Beck says he was home doing homework Jade says, "So you want to break up with me?" Beck says,
    "No. Why would you think I want to break up with you?"
  • Jade manages to kick open the door of Beck's RV when he refuses to let her in.
  • Beck does not get angry at her for breaking in, nor does he seem surprised.
  • Beck and Jade are wearing matching necklaces in this episode.
  • When the cheerleader next door turns out to be nine years old, Jade and Beck argue playfully and seem to enjoy doing so with each
    other. When Tori tries to make them stop, Jade tells her to stay out of it and they continued to argue. Beck is smiling as he and Jade exchange words.
  • After Ally leaves, Jade gets up to sit next to Beck.
  • Beck playfully nudges Jade's arm and says in a flirty tone, "You gonna say you're sorry?"
  • When Beck introduces the little girl to Jade, the cheerleader whispers to Beck that his girlfriend is really pretty. Beck replies with a smile, "I know."
  • Jade complains that he always likes to get her jealous (just before Jade disconnects the chat).
  • When Jade says, "I'll wait for her", Beck replies, "Whatever you want."
  • Jade looks sheepish that the cheerleader was a nine year old girl and that she didn't trust Beck.
  • Beck introduces Jade as his girlfriend to Ally.

Beck's Big Break

  • In the very first scene, while the camera is panning Asphalt Cafe before cutting to Tori, you can see Beck and Jade sitting at a table with two other people. Jade is whispering in his ear and he's grinning.
  • Beck backs Jade up when she was being grouchy to Tori, telling her that she got stung by a bee.
  • Beck knew that Jade got stung by a bee.
  • Jade is smiling proudly at Beck as he explains his role to Tori and André.
  • When Beck mentions that a costume designer was in his dressing room, Jade says "The costume designer was in your dressing room? Was she cute?" He responds with "HE was adorable." and Jade smiles.
  • Right before they start shooting Beck's scene, Jade announces that he is her boyfriend.
  • Jade gets mad at Tori for costing Beck the part.
  • When Jade leaves the lunch table angrily, Beck goes after her rather than stay with the group.
  • After Jade counts to three so that Beck and Tori will stop hugging, Beck puts his arm around Jade.

The Great Ping-Pong Scam

  • When the gang is playing a parody of twister, as they colapse Beck is leaning slightly on Jade.
  • When Jade says "Fine, tell her", she grabs Beck's arm and they sit on the couch next to each other.
  • When they are next to each other on the couch, Beck puts his arm around Jade.
  • Beck and Jade are wearing matching necklaces in this episode.
  • In the flashback (two years ago), Beck was the first to agree to Jade's idea about making a fake ping pong team.
  • When Sikowitz is announcing the new member of the ping pong team, Jade and Beck are standing close to each other.
  • Jade suggests rocking the vending machine when Beck's sodagets stuck.
  • Jade brushes against Beck on her way to the back of the
    soda machine.
  • In the restaurant, Beck and Jade sat next to each other and are occasionally whispering and smiling as they do so.
  • Both are wearing purple in the restaurant scenes.
  • Beck and Jade sit close together as Andre goes against Tori.
  • When Robbie is shown devouring his food, you can see Jade leaning towards Beck and hear a faint giggling from her.
  • Beck looks like he is about to laugh when Tori touches Jade and when she got annoyed.

Cat's New Boyfriend

  • Jade and Beck walk up to
  • Tori together.
  • Beck pats Jade's shoulder.
  • Jade and Beck both laugh at the fact Cat is dating Tori's ex-boyfriend.
  • After Jade and Beck both leave Tori, Cat, and Daniel, they are seen making out passionately by the lockers.
  • Jade seems a little upset when Cat guesses Beck came up behind her and tried to surprise her.
  • Beck an
    d Jade hang out together at the Kick Back.
  • When Beck asks Jade to feel Andre's foot, she complies.
  • Beck and Jade sit next to each other at lunch.
  • At lunch, Beck has his arm around Jade and their fingers are intertwined.
  • Beck and Jade both go looking for Tori after she sprays Daniel and Cat with cheese.
  • Beck and Jade get their feet "smoothed" together.
  • They enjoy the experience, grinning at each other.
  • Beck and Jade are both lying next to each other in the hospital.
  • While in the hospital Beck briefly holds Jade's arm.

Freak the Freak Out

  • They sit next to each other at the beginning of the episode, in Sikowitz's class.
  • When Cat asks everyone to guess what she and Jade are doing that weekend, you see Jade and Beck sitting very close together and Beck has his arm around her.
  • When Sikowitz says that Jade is a "gank" and is lucky to have Beck, he smiles.
  • Jade gets jealous when Beck asks Tori why she can't come to Karaoke-Dokie.
  • Beck seems uncomfortable when Hayley is rubbing his hair, touching his hand, etc., and moves her hand away from him.
  • He tries to break up the fight between Hayley and Jade.
  • When Cat and Jade are singing onstage, he cheers quite loudly.
  • Jade goes over to the side of the stage where Beck is sitting and dances flirtatiously in front of him with a smile on her face, as if she knows he's enjoying watching her.
  • After Jade and Cat are finished performing, she comes offstage and kisses him.
  • Beck stands up and exclaims, "Come on, man!" in outrage when Tara and Hayley are chosen as the karaoke winners.
  • After Hayley and Tara's number, Jade says "Yeah! We're clapping 'cause it's over!" and Beck makes a shushing gesture, but then laughs.
  • When it is time for Jade and Cat to perform, Beck gives Jade a pat on the back.
  • When the host says "Two girls really stood out.", Beck rubs Jade's arm.
  • After Jade and Cat's performance that first night, Beck
    posts a message on saying "Did you hear my girl singing at the Karaoke-Dokie? Talk about hot."
  • Jade knows where Beck's car keys are and Beck doesn't seem angry when Jade steals them.
  • When Jade and Cat challenge Hayley and Tara with a bet, Cat suggests that if Hayley and Tara win the audience over, Hayley can make out with Beck. Jade, surprised, exclaims "WHAT?!?" to which Cat replies "She likes his (Beck's) hair." Jade then says "So do I!" in an indignant tone.
  • During Sikowitz's number, they're standing very close and Jade repeatedly touches his arm and puts her arm around him.
  • In the official music video for "Freak the Freak Out" Beck and Jade are seen dancing together and having a good time.

Rex Dies

  • They sit next to each other in class.
  • Beck takes Jade's side when she says that letting go of Rex would be a good thing for Robbie.
  • When they are in the hallway with Tori, Cat, and a mangled Rex, Jade holds Beck's arm for a few moments.
  • Jade seems mad at the doctor for calling Beck handsome.
  • In the hospital Beck asks Jade why she would want to have the jar with the fat lump in it, and they lightly argue about it.
  • When Jade was holding and looking at the jar of fat, Beck was smiling at her as if he was a bit amused.

The Didly-Bops

  • In the beginning when Sikowitz tells them about the children's gig, Beck puts his arm around Jade and their fingers are intertwined. Later, when he takes his arm off of her, he puts it back around her. At one point, Beck has both arms around Jade's body.
  • Neither Beck or Jade want to sing for the children.
  • When Jade says they won't sing and starts to leave, she is holding Beck's hand.
  • Not long after Andre starts singing, Beck wraps his arm around Jade and the two of them smile at each other.
  • If you look closely during the very start of Andre's performance of Song2You, Beck has his arm around Jade until he starts clapping.
  • Towards the end of Andre and Tori's duet, Beck turns Jade's head to his and kisses her. He then kisses the side of her head and she smiles, leaning on him.

Wok Star

  • Beck looks frantically for Jade at the beginning of the episode, even ignoring Tori's attempts to tell him something.
  • Beck seems really worried about Jade.
  • He says "Hey, watcha doing?" in a flirty voice to Jade. (The same tone used by Isabella from Disney Channel's Phineas and Ferb.)
  • Beck knows Jade blew off two of her classes, which may imply he knows her schedule or that he walks her to class.
  • When Jade points her scissors at Beck and Robbie, Beck looks alarmed, but then smiles.
  • Beck goes with Jade to see the theater where Jade's play is going to be put on for the first time.
  • Jade introduces Beck as her boyfriend to Mrs. Lee, and he then smiles and replies, "I am the boyfriend."
  • Beck helps in the scheme of trying to make things perfect for the opening night of Jade's play.
  • Before Beck leaves the theater, he smiles at Jade.
  • When Mrs. Lee says she has a couple of notes on Jade's play, Beck looks confused, maybe because he thinks Jade's play is good enough as it is.
  • Beck looks happy that Tori agreed to finding money for Jade's play.
  • Beck and Jade wear their matching necklaces while the play was happening.

The Wood

  • Jade is smiling while watching Beck audition for the reality show, until the girl from the crew asks if he has a girlfriend.
  • Jade looks disturbed when Katie, the girl from The Wood crew, hits on Beck.
  • Jade says later on the Slap that she got this girl fired.
  • Beck says, "Yeah, I do." when the girl asks if he has a girlfriend.
  • Beck didn't care when Tori was bumped off the couch by Jade and he puts his arm around her and rests his hand on her thigh.
  • Beck and Jade are smiling at each other and kiss in the showing of "The Wood".
  • Beck tells Jade she looks great in the video.
  • In the video, Beck and Jade are shown kissing, both smiling as they do so.
  • Beck knows Jade is already at Tori's house with them, while Tori does not.
  • Jade knows Beck likes to have his tummy tickled, which probably means she has tickled his tummy.
  • Beck catches Jade after Andre pulls her off of Tori.
  • Beck tries to break up the fight between Jade and Tori.
  • Jade seems to slightly calm down after Beck catches her.
  • Beck knows that Jade doesn't like onions on pizza.
  • Jade looks upset when Trina tells Beck to smell her arm.
  • Jade and Beck sit close together at lunch.
  • When the director guy said that Trina reeked of desperation, Beck says, "That's her natural scent," to which Jade smiles.
  • Tori and Beck deny that they were talking on the phone, possibly meaning they only want to be friends, nothing more.
  • Beck is near yelling when he explains to Jade that the phone conversation between him and Tori did not happen, which may imply he thinks Jade's reaction that he might be cheating on her with Tori is crazy.

A Film by Dale Squires

  • At the beginning of the episode, Beck and Jade are sitting together with Jade's legs draped across Beck's lap and Beck's arm over her legs.
  • Jade is seen to be holding his arm/shoulder frequently while they are sitting down together.
  • When Tori is telling the story about Trina, Beck is playing with Jade's fingers.
  • Both Beck and Jade are grinning in an amused way when Tori says that Trina peed on Santa Claus.
  • While filming the movie, Jade gets angry when Tori says, "Beck, let me have you on the couch." Tori then quickly adds, "For theshot!"
  • At the premiere of the movie Tori directed, Beck and Jade dress
  • Beck has his arm around Jade when they are watching the film and you can see him playing absent-minded with a strand of her hair.
  • While Tori is arguing with Dale Squires for not giving them credit for the film, Jade has her hand on Beck's shoulder.
  • Jade seems proud that the one act Beck wrote became successful, and was upset when Dale took claim of writing it.

Sleepover at Sikowitz's

  • They are sitting next to each other in Sikowitz's class.
  • Beck puts his arm around Jade in the beginning of the episode.
  • Jade is holding onto his hand in one of the shots.
  • Beck looks confused as to why Jade wants to have a sleepover at Sikowitz's house.
  • Jade gets angry when Tori is
    feeding Beck Raisin Bran and tells him he better not continue with this behavior or terrible things might happen to him.
  • When Andre leaves, Beck is next to Jade stroking her chin with his fingers.
  • Beck looks concerned about Jade when she burns her hand.
  • Beck and Jade arrive at Sikowitz's house together.

Season 2

Beggin' On Your Knees

  • Beck gives Jade a 'time out' and she complies, showing that he is the only one who can boss her around and get away with it sans injury.
  • Jade pouts at Beck before she walks away to go sit on the stairs, probably feeling a bit betrayed.
  • Beck and Jade are standing together when the gang shows up to tell Tori that Ryder is using her.
  • Beck and Jade are sitting next to each other before Tori is about to perform.
  • You can see Beck and Jade laughing about something against the lockers before Robbie approaches the group.
  • When Cat gets another call from someone in a car accident, Jade and Beck exchange a look.
  • Beck smiles at Jade after asking what she thinks he was hiding from her.
  • Jade gets mad at Beck for not telling her that he was born in Canada.
  • When Jade walks away, Beck goes after her and says that it wasn't a secret.
  • While the quartet is singing at the Full Moon Jam, Jade and Beck are sitting close together in the audience and Jade's head is on Beck's shoulder.

Beck Falls for Tori

  • When Beck comes offstage in Sikowitz's class and sits down next to Jade, he puts his arm around her.
  • In the background, Jade's head is on Beck's shoulder.
  • In one of the shots, Jade is playing with the bracelets around Beck's wrist.
  • Beck and Jade laugh and exchange looks when Rex jokes about the monkeys.
  • Beck is holding Jade around the waist when
    they're waiting for Tori to fall and looks at her in confusion (as if he wants her to come back to him) when she walks away.
  • Jade walks over to sit next to Beck when they were having lunch.
  • Beck and Jade are sitting by each other in Sikowitz's classroom when Tori is complaining about the stunt.
  • Beck constantly.
  • Beck and Jade are standing close together by the lockers.
  • Even though Tori gave both Beck and Jade a copy of her resume, Beck and Jade are both seen looking of the same one.

Ice Cream for Ke$ha

  • Beck and Jade are dancing next to each other during Ke$ha's performance.
  • At school, Beck and Jade walk over to Tori holding hands with their fingers intertwined.
  • Beck and Jade are sitting next to each other on Tori's couch when the group is going through the pints of ice cream.
  • Beck grins when Jade tells Trina never to touch her.
  • Beck tells Jade she doesn't have to help them look for the letters
    , to which Jade gets irritated. He might have said this because it's better if she stops so she doesn't remember her 'bad childhood'.Beck touches Jade's arm before they follow Tori over to Sinjin and Cat.Jade pulls Beck by the hand when they follow Tori over to Sinjin and Cat.
  • While Beck and Jade are standing with Tori and the rest of the group looking at Sinjin's Pear Book, Jade has her arm around Beck and then her hand on his shoulder.
  • Beck looks at Jade and they are both smiling when Sinjin tells Tori to run home.
  • They argue about whether Robbie should give out free ice cream to children, and Beck gives in to Jade (who wants to let Robbie go through with the plan).
  • When Beck comes back from the store, he walks over to stand by Jade.
  • Beck and Jade are the only ones not with the gang in the first scene (Asphalt Cafe) and are presumably together.
  • Jade mentions that Beck will be back soon from the store with ice cream.

Tori Gets Stuck

  • Jade wears her necklace that matches the one that Beck has, meaning that he might be wearing his too while he is away or that she is wearing it to feel closer to him because she misses him.
  • Jade was much meaner than she was in other episodes, which might mean that Beck is the one who usually levels her down and prevents her from taking things too far, as seen in iParty With Victorious, when she was much nicer with Beck back with her.

Prom Wrecker

  • Jade mentions that she has nothing to do because Beck was in Canada, which means she would probably be with him instead if he was there.

Locked Up

    • Beck and Jade were originally planning to go on vacation together with Beck's family.
    • Jade seems very excited to go to Cancun with Beck, and brags to the others about it.
    • Beck pulls/drags Jade into Sikowitz's classroom.
    • Beck tells Jade that they will ask Tori about going to Yerba together.
    • When Tori asks why Beck's aunt wouldn't let them go to Cancun, he said that she found out he was bringing Jade.
    • Jade then rolls her eyes, meaning she's probably annoyed and upset that they can't go to Cancun together.
    • Beck would rather not go to Cancun at all then go and have to leave Jade behind.
    • After Tori tells Beck he can come to Yerba, he crosses his arms and looks at Jade with a firm expression, waiting for her to ask Tori if she can come. Jade stares back at him and then asks Tori.
    • When Tori asks Jade for a hug, Jade looks at Beck and he nods over to Tori, telling her to do it.
    • Beck seems like he wants Jade to come to Yerba with him and the rest of the gang, so much that he was willing to drag her into the room.
    • Jade enters the hotel right after Beck.
    • While Tori is talking to the manager of the hotel, Beck and Jade are talking to each other privately.
    • When the manager smells Tori's hand, Beck and Jade are standing close to each other and Beck has his arm around Jade and then has his arm wrapped around her waist.
    • When the manager introduces himself, Beck turns to look at Jade.
    • When Jade tells the manager the hotel is disgusting, Beck cringes but does not seem upset or surprised that she did it.
    • Beck and Jade both leaned close to each other to see the picture.
    • When the manager states that he doesn't know where the place in the picture is located, Jade looks at Beck.
    • When Beck walks over to the manager's desk, Jade follows him and she seems to be looking around nervously and standing slightly behind him.
    • They are standing very close together by the managers desk.
    • When the soldiers come running in, Jade immediately turns around to face Beck and leans against him
    • After she turns to him, Beck quickly pushes Jade behind the others (Tori, Robbie, Cat, Trina, etc.) so she will be safer.
    • Jade then grabs onto Beck and he wraps his arms around her and holds her tightly, protecting her from the officers.
    • Jade is yelling and leaning towards the officers and you can see Beck pull her back and hold her closer to him.
    • He continues to hold her and comfort her for a while even after they have left.
    • Beck looked uncomfortable when the Yerbanian girls were playing with his hair and asked them to stop.
    • When Jade saw the two girls playing Beck's hair, she stared at Beck and he stared back at her helplessly and tried to stop the girls, probably knowing that she would be jealous.
    • Jade goes over and yells possessively to the girls, "Hey! Get your hands off my boyfriend's head!"
    • She then hisses at them to scare them away and stands beside/behind the couch he is sitting on.
    • When Jade says that she found a lizard on her chest, she turns around to look at Beck and he stares back at her.
    • When Jade was touching the lump on André's neck, Beck looked at her and gestured for her to stop.
    • When Sikowitz says they will have to break their promise and the soldiers come, Jade starts to move towards Beck.
    • Beck looks at Jade when she stage offstage, probably making sure she is safe before helping Tori.
    • When they all go into the Chancellor's office, Jade wants to walk away saying "We tried," but Beck grabs her and makes a "nuh-uh!" noise like he's scolding her.
    • He then holds her by the arm and the waist until he's sure she will stay with him.
    • They are standing very close together in the Chancellor's office.
    • Before the performance of I Want You Back, Jade quickly looks at Beck.
    • After Jade sings her line, Beck comes up next to her and dances next to her.
    • Beck holds the door open for Jade (and the others) and lets all of them (except for Tori and Sikowitz) get in the truck before him.
    • When they get in the truck he seems to be looking over in Jade's direction, making sure she is okay.

Helen Back Again

  • Beck and Jade were sitting next to each other in the classroom.
  • Beck was playing with Jade's hand before she went up to improv with Tori.
  • Jade was jealous when Beck said that he wanted Tori to stay
  • Beck was annoyed that Jade left to get some gum.

iCarly Crossover

iParty with Victorious

  • When Sikowitz tells Beck and Tori their acting is terrible Jade says "Beck was good".
  • Jade and Beck are sitting next to each other at lunch.
  • Jade has both of her hands and a bit of her elbow draped on Beck's shoulder in the Asphalt Cafe scent.
  • In the lunch scene just after Andre told them they were all invited to the party, Beck and Jade turn to each other talk together privately before Steven shows up.
  • In some of the lunch shots, Beck has his arm around Jade.
  • Beck goes searching for a jacuzzi for him and Jade to hang out in.
  • Beck knows that Jade loves jacuzzis.
  • Jade takes Beck's hand to lead him out to change into their bathing suits.
  • While Andre is talking to Robbie and Rex, you can see Jade and Beck standing close together, talking into each other's ears in the background. Jade holds Beck's arm in this scene.
  • Beck and Jade are in a jacuzzi next to each other (along with Sikowitz and Spencer) and are seen in the intro both holding corn dogs.
  • Jade wants Spencer to leave so she can be alone with Beck.
  • When Beck and Jade enter the party together from the jacuzzi, Jade is wearing Beck's shirt.
  • At the very start of the Mash-Up Scene, Jade turns to look at Beck and raises her hand a bit in his direction but it was cut-off.
  • After the Mash-Up Scene (Leave It All To Shine), when Jade goes to hug Spencer, Beck pats Jade on the back.
  • Jade turned to look at Beck occasionally while they're in the jacuzzi.
  • Jade knows that Beck is unscarable.
  • Jade and Beck reenter the house a couple of minutes after Sikowitz and Spencer; implying that they spent some time alone either in the hot tub or getting changed before going back into the house.