Fan Representation

Bade's official symbols and representation.

  • Official Colors: Black because they are both dark in personality and dress accordingly. Also Purple, because in The Great Ping Pong Scam, they dressed accordingly by both wearing purple.
  • Mascot: A heart, as they love each other the most in the show, and are the first couple to say so.
  • Number: 23 because as of Jade Dumps Beck they dated continuously for a year and 11 months (which is 23 months) before briefly breaking up. Also, 143 can be one of their represented numbers, mainly because when they get back together in the episode & they're kissing, Beck's RV has '143' beside his door. Another reason is that Dan Schneider says on his blog that '143' stands for 'I Love You' since 'I' is one letter, 'Love' has four, and 'You' has three.
  • Animal: Rottweiler Puppy because when Jade dumped Beck she tried to win him back by getting him the dog he wanted, and in Wi-fi in the Sky, Beck watches over his cheerleader neighbor's puppy which makes Jade jealous.
  • Romantic Spot: Beck's RV because it's were Beck and Jade got together and the first time they really showed they loved each other, as seen in Jade Dumps Beck. Also because it's frequently mentioned in most Bade fanfictions.
  • Song: She's Killing Me by A Rocket To The Moon, because the song tells the story of a couple who's always fighting, even though they love each other. Don't Trust Me by 3OH!3 because despite their love Jade finds it hard to trust Beck. And Every Other Time by LFO. Because no matter what Jade does and how mean she gets, he still loves her. Also, Perfect by Hedley, because Jade & Beck aren't perfect, but they still love each other, and Taught Me To Breathe by Allie Trimm & Telly Leung.
  • Symbol: Yin and Yang, because it represents them very well, seeing as Jade is negative and Beck is positive (as far as viewers know).

Fan Art

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