Jade Dumps Beck is the fifth episode of Season 1 of Victorious. It aired May 2nd, 2010.


The episode starts with Jade arguing with Beck. Jade was telling Beck that she didn't want him hanging out with other pretty girls. The couple then drags Tori into their argument, each one asking her different questions. After the argument gets pretty intense, Jade decides to break up with Beck. Throughout the week, Beck hangs out with Alyssa Vaughn, the beautiful and elite daughter of a local billionaire. Jade attempts to hide her jealousy, which doesn't turn out to work. Finally, Jade goes to Tori for help. At first, Tori goes to talk to Beck, trying to manipulate him into getting back together with Jade. Tori asks Beck what Jade got him for his birthday the past year, as he was saying that Jade had rarely done something nice for him. Beck says she got him a can of lemonade, which at first, Tori doesn't believe. When Tori finds out that Beck wasn't kidding, she talks to Jade and tells her that you have to be more understanding and civil toward your boyfriend. Jade takes Tori's advice, and with Tori's help, gets Beck a rottweiler, one of his dream pets. The girls attempt to sneak the rottweiler into Beck's RV, hoping that the dog will lick Beck's face and cheer him up. It turned out that Beck's father was in the RV, and the rottweiler mauled him. Mr. Oliver got taken away by an ambulance. Jade then tries to explain to Beck that she didn't think the dog would go insane. Before she could finish her sentence, Beck kisses her, re-forming their relationship.


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