aka tyler

  • I live in on glee land
  • My occupation is dancer, gleek, student
  • I am female
Hi my name is Tyler ( A.K.A  gleekforever1018), guess what you've discoeverd my page :)

still under construction

other wiki's i'm onEdit

  1. glee
  2. icarly
  3. jennette mccurdy
  4. elizabeth gillies
  5. victoria justice
  6. dance academy
  7. taylor swift
  8. Ariana Grande
  9. Jenna Uskowitz

please note that I take part in editing in the first 6. The rest i am apart of but i don't go on often

Things about meEdit

  • I'm a really happy person to talk to
  • I do hapkido ( marital arts) for 3 years. This year will be my 3th
  • i'm a huge glee, icarly, victorious and bade fan.
  • i love  meeting new people.
  • I'm curentlly in school
  • my fave subjects are : english, food tech, history ,p.e ( it doesn't seem like it now) and maths ( kind-off)

what I love about badeEdit

The first time that I saw bade was in the victorious episode the bird scene  and I loved them.

The reason why I love them together is that he accepts her for who she is, also he's the only one who can make her smile.

I was apart of the victorious wiki when I found out that this wiki existed, I thought this is awesome to be apart of.

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