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Hi, I'm Jayla, also known as Shadeandsunshine. I am also over on the Victorious Wiki. Bade shipper as you can see. I saw that the Bori Wiki was active and that the Bade Wiki was sort of like a ghost town so I decided to help out in making it better. I do not take credit for any images or pictures that I add to this wiki. The Bade kiss gif belongs to Luna- daughter of Artemis. Please help me, Luna and Mrdillfenster2 (the creator) in making this wiki successful.


Here are some of the site that I get my pictures/gifs from.

Some Userboxes I made :)Edit

Gif This user does NOT want Noogies!
BADE orig This user wants more BADE kisses!
Shoulder This user looks for Bade moments in the background.
Bade1 This user wants you to say you love me.
Badeipwv This user thinks there should have been more Bade moments in iParty With Victorious!

NEWS! (6/17/11)Edit

Here's something Danwarp just posted on his blog:

iParty With Victorious was shown as a 90-minute television event. But it was actually filmed as a TWO-HOUR (120-minute) show. The network wanted it to be only 90 minutes, so I had to cut out 25% of the show to make it fit. Well guess what!!!

The network has asked me to PUT BACK the extra 30 minutes I cut out. That means...

In a couple of months, you get to see the FULL, COMPLETE VERSION of iParty With Victorious on Nickelodeon!!!!!

(Hope we get to see more of Beck and Jade in the Jacuzzi!)


I do NOT take credit for ANY of the pictures/gifs that I post on this wiki. I would give credit but that takes too long so I am saying it on record that NONE of the pictures/gifs on here that have been uploaded by me are NOT MINE!

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